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One of the attractions of the Dripping Springs area is the blending of old...

Dripping Springs

Longing for a life in the Texas countryside, but need to be close to the city? Look no further than Dripping Springs! This idyllic hamlet, located just 25 miles outside of Austin is known as the “Gateway to the Hill Country.” Originally settled in the 1850’s by an extended family, looking to stake their claim on the Texas frontier, Dripping Springs has the soul of a small town, but the access and amenities of a much larger city.

Dripping Springs remained a small town for some time following the initial population boom that took Austin from a small, often overlooked city to the vibrant, cultural center it is today, but as it always does, word got out about the charming area tucked into the foothills Southwest of Austin. Over the past several years Dripping Springs, along with its neighboring towns, has experienced tremendous growth, both in residential and commercial development. It is ideally located along HWY 290, one of the main roads into and out of Austin, and is perfectly positioned to be a commuter’s dream.

One of the attractions of the Dripping Springs area is the blending of old and new; historic ranches and estates are nestled into the hills alongside newer communities and master planned developments, brimming with amenities and the latest in residential construction design. Whether you prefer the character of a homestead occupied by generations of Texans, or a sleek modern property, both are waiting for you here.

The history-meets-today flavor of Drippings Springs doesn’t end with the residential market. Small, family owned businesses continue to thrive here, and an influx of newcomers means new restaurants, new shopping, great schools and every modern convenience at your fingertips. In fact, the area boasts a burgeoning craft brewery and distillery district, where locals and visitors can sample the best of locally crafted beers, spirits and food in hill country comfort, away from the noise and chaos of the city!

Dripping Springs and the surrounding communities are the perfect marriage of Texas’s cowboy past and its cosmopolitan future. It is the perfect place to call home for those Austinites longing for the slower pace of a country life.

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